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If you want a more personalized and tailor made learning experience we can arrange a private all-inclusive monohull or catamaran liveaboard experience starting at US $8,000 monohull and US $12,000 catamaran with 4 students and a special price for additional students or non-students. These private courses will cover the same courses and will include the same material depending whether its a monohull or catamaran as the other liveaboard experiences, the difference is that here you can create your own curated experience with your close friends, family or partner .

We set sail on Sunday and return on Friday 10am. We are based in Marina Costa Baja in La Paz, BCS

Where Do We Sail From?

  • Starlink WIFI

  • Diving (for certified divers only)

  • Stand Up Paddles (SUPs)

  • Kayaks

  • Fishing

Enhance your Experience!

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