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Co-Founder & Lead Capitan

You will have the pleasure of learning with our lead Captain Abraham Levy, professional explorer, adventurer and full time captain. He is the first man to complete the 11,000 km of Mexican shoreline solo on a kayak and the first man to cross the Atlantic Ocean from Spain to Mexico solo and unassisted on a rowing boat. He is also a certified ASA instructor with a lot of teaching experience and deep ocean knowledge, which will teach you how to speak what he calls “windish”, the language of the wind while using all of your senses.


Co-Founder & Head of Operations

Paola is a former Private Equity and Finance woman who worked in investment banking and top management in accelerated growth startups that fell in love with the Sea of Cortez and sailing to another level that made her decide that after 10 years in the 9 to 5 world it was time for being brave and making a radical career change that would land her in the sailing world full time. She’s still learning to perfect her sailing skills and hopes to become an instructor for Sea of Cortez Sailing in the near future.

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